Hagerty Stainless Steel Cloth 30 X 36cm

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HAGERTY stainless steel cleaning CLOTH




This Hagerty Stainless Steel Cloth is ideal for quick and effortless cleaning of Stainless Steel accessories. Founded in 1895, Hagerty has become a leading brand for quality cleaning products within the jewellery, watch and home ware industries. Made from 100% cotton, this cloth is impregnated with Hagerty's exclusive cleaning formula that will renew the shine of your items. Cleaning is simple; gently rub the cloth onto the piece to restore the shine of Stainless Steel watches, jewellery and accessories. This soft cloth will not scratch or mark your jewellery and is suitable for instantly removing dirt. It is recommended to use daily and replace the cloth as soon as it turns completely black. Please note - this is not suitable to be washed. For a deeper clean, use with Multimedia Spray




Length: 360mm  
Width: 300mm  
Material: Cotton  
Country of Origin: Germany  
Brand: Hagerty  
Pack Size: 1



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