Bangle size Guide

how to know your bangle size

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Before shopping for a Bangle, it is important to understand how to find the right fit.

Many bangles slide on over the hand, and therefore need to be sized accordingly.

Others have hinges or even an open structure, meaning that they can be put on over the wrist.

Aside from size, there are considerations of style and material. Bangles come in a wide variety

of styles, from simple to extravagant. Learning about how to determine the right Bangle fit,

as well as what different kinds of bangles are available, helps buyers find one that is an

excellent addition to their jewellery collection.​


How to Measure for the Right Bangle Size

In order to get the right size bangle, it is important for the wearer to measure their wrist and,

in some cases, their hand. This ensures that the bangle is neither too tight nor too loose,

and that it can be put on and taken off with ease, while not sliding off over the hand.


Measuring the Wrist

To measure wrist size, use a cloth tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist,

so that it fits snugly without feeling too tight or too loose.

Mark where the tape measure overlaps: this is the wrist size.

A piece of string and straight ruler can also be used if

a cloth tape measure is unavailable.


Measuring the Hand

To measure the hand, position it as though putting on a bangle,

with the thumb tucked in against the palm. Wrap the measuring tape

along the widest part of the hand, usually the knuckles and thumb.

The measurement where the tape measure overlaps is the hand size.


Determining Bangle Size Based on Wrist and Hand Measurements

Bangles come in different styles which should be taken into consideration

when determining their correct size. While some bangles have openings

where they can be slipped over the wrist, many others are designed

to slide over the hand. These may or may not have hinges. With hinged bangles,

buyers only need a wrist measurement to determine size. For an average fit,

they should add 2.5 cm to their wrist measurement to get their bangle size;

for a loose fit, they should add 3 cm. For bangles without hinges,

the hand size should be used for an average fit. For a looser fit,

they can choose a bangle one size larger. Buyers should also note

that the bangle's width often affects size. Wider bangles tend to

fit more snugly than thin ones.



Bangles are a highly popular form of jewellery that comes in different styles.

Generally speaking, they are stiff bracelets that are meant to fit loosely on the wrist.

They can be worn together, uniformly or mixed and matched, or worn individually

for an understated elegance. When buying a bangle, it is important to find the

right fit to ensure it is comfortable on the wrist, without being overly snug or loose,

and that it can slide on and off with ease. In addition, it is important to consider

what style and material best suit one's individual taste.

To find the right fit, the wearer should measure their wrist if the bangle is hinged,

and hand if the bangle does not have a hinge. Next, they should think about 

what kind of bangle they want: casual, formal, traditional, bold, playful, or vintage.

They can choose a style, design, and material that matches their needs. .

Bangles are an excellent addition to a jewellery collection;

with the right preparation, consumers can find the bangle or

bangles that are stylish and just their size.


General rule for wrist to Bangle sizes

       Small           6 1/2 to 7 inches

Medium       7 1/2 inches

Large       8 inches +


We take the measurement of the inside diameter to determine the size you need,

below is a guide to know the inside diameter for our size chart and the circumference


inside diameter = 6cm, the circumference is 7.4 inches, wrist size = 6.5 inch


inside diameter = 6.25cm, the circumference is 7.7 inches, wrist size = 7 inch


inside diameter = 6.5cm, the circumference is 8 inches, wrist size = 7.5 inch


inside diameter = 6.75cm, the circumference is 8.3 inches, wrist size = 8 inch




We offer free resizing on all solid Bangles ( cannot with hinged Bangles )

To have a Bangle resized after purchase simply contact us by email and tell 

us you need the Bangle resizing giving your name and order, we will then send 

out a Bangle sizer to you the same day if possible or within 24 hours of receiving 

your email, once you have the Bangle sizer simply follow the instructions from the above 

image using the Bangle sizer, once you have the perfect fit, send it back to us along with the Bangle 

and we will make it the exact fit for you usually within 2-4 days of receiving your Bangle back to us 

it's as simple as that and of course you can email us anytime for help or advise and we will be more 

than happy to help you or visit NEWBURY'S our retail store for a full list of Bangles and prices