Home Cinema projectors


Welcome to our Home Cinema and Home Entertainment Projectors, all our Projectors have been picked with one thing in common, no matter what your budget we have the very best to offer so if you just want a Projector for casual use or to watch the occasional sports programme then rest assured we have the right ones for you costing far less than a normal TV and in many cases better quality, we also have the very best money can buy for the total enthusiast, At Nerwbury's we offer something that is for everyone, gone are the days when a Projector meant having a whole room converted and only being able to watch in a dedicated dark room, now alot of these will work in daylight conditions, can be moved around from room to room as easy as carrying a laptop around. We will also explain what the benefits are of each so you will be left in no doubt which one will be best for your needs. Unlike many Audio and Visual sites that just offer the manufacturers description the poeple at Newbury's that control our Home Entertainment site have been into Home Cinema for more than 30 years and thankfully only in recent years the technology behind DLP and LCD Projectors as surpassed modern TV's whether it be in hi definition1080p or 4K and of course the beauty of having one of these is you can choose what size screen you want, only limit being how big your room is